KDD announces amendments to the schemes for seev. messages

UniCredit Bank Slovenija d.d.
Thu, 13/04/2023
The Local CSD (KDD) published amended schemes for seev. messages related to SRDII. The updated schemes are available on the SWIFT MyStandards portal. The amendments will be applicable with the next KDD system upgrade, which is planned for 9 June 2023.
The main changes which will impact international clients are: 
Shareholders identification:
  •  seev.045 – the SRD indicator element is added to the message.
  •  seev.047 – extended scheme, with some new optional elements.
  •  seev.048 – extended scheme, following changes in seev.047.
The KDD system upgrade is based on the analysis of the seev. messages and comments received by KDD members at the time of use.  


Impact on investors: New fields will be added in messages sent to clients (seev.045) and new optional fields can be utilized in messages sent by clients (seev.047 and seev.048).