Upcoming changes to KDD's price list

UniCredit Bank Slovenija d.d.
KDD amends its price list
Mon, 07/12/2020

Local CSD (KDD) has published their amended Price List on their website.

The new Price List will be effective as of  1 January 2021.

Price List changes are the following:


  • KID code assignment: increase from 78,07 EUR to 88,07 EUR per KID code.

  • KID code maintenance: increase from 3,57 EUR to 4,27 EUR. This cost is currently not charged – the KDD will start charging it after the KID code identifier is replaced with LEI, which is planned at the earliest in 2022.

  • Amended cost for issuers when issuing new debt securities

  • Introduction of new cost for issuers: maintenance of book of shareholders within the new ''KDD Digital'' service.


The English version of the new price list will become available in the CSD website (www.kdd.si) in the weeks to come.

Impact on investors: Slovenian CSD has amended the fees related to account opening for new foreign investors.