Update on SRDII

UniCredit Bank Slovenija d.d.
Local CSD has disclosed additional information on the SRDII timeline
Thu, 11/02/2021

Local CSD (KDD) has provided a new timeline related to the implementation of the SRDII requirements since the amended Companies Act (ZGD-1K), which was published on 9 February 2021 stipulates that the SRDII related provisions are applicable 6 months after the adoption of the Act.

The new timeline is as follows:

    • Transition to live environment: planned in August 2021 as part of the regular upgrade of CRVP system.
    • Technical documentation: available to the CSD members in June 2021.
    • Testingwith members: planned in June/July 2021.
    • Draft of the updated legal documents (Rules, Regulations and CSD Tariff): planned to be made available to CSD members in May 2021.
    • Workshop for members: will be held on 31 March 2021

Impact on investors: Clients should take note of the additional information from the  CSD related to the implementation of SRDII.