BaNCS implementation

New Custody System (BaNCS) to be implemented in UniCredit Bank dd Mostar and UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC
Tue, 04/10/2022

It is with great pleasure to announce that both UniCredit Bosnia and Herzegovina (UCBH) and UniCredit Serbia (UCRS) will be implementing their new custody system (BaNCS) over this coming weekend (08/10 – 09/10/2022). This system migration will mark the continuation of the highly anticipated roll-out following successful implementations in Romania last December (2021) and Czech Republic and Slovakia in March, 2022.

Keeping in line with our ongoing multi-year project, with this implementation, both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia will now become the next two markets to implement BaNCS and, in turn, caps off years of dedicated commitment by realizing a major milestone towards digital evolution.

We are also delighted to confirm that this new system has been tested extensively over the past few months by fully dedicated and experienced IT and operational teams and that we have corrected all bugs identified during this process. Should there be any unexpected developments over the coming weekend, measures are in place to ensure that no disruption occurs and you will be duly informed of the status at business opening on Monday, October 10th.

This implementation reinforces our continued commitment to service excellence, both near and long-term. We are extremely proud of being able to take this step forward together and, as always, thank you for the trust and support given to us.

Impact on investors:  New Custody System implementation by October 10, 2022.