Azerbaijan Stock Exchange launches new trading system

Thu, 03/03/2016

The Baku Stock Exchange of Azerbaijan has launched a single trading, post-trading and regulatory system.                                                    
With the implementation of a modern system architecture the securities market of Azerbaijan is continuing to develop. The new trading system was developed by experts of the Korean Exchange against the backdrop of general legislation enhancement and the Capital Market Modernisation Project (CMMP).

The Centralised Trading Exchange system (CETA) of the Baku Stock Exchange includes four sub-systems:

  • a trading platform (for Baku Stock Exchange, BSE)
  • a clearing and settlement system (for the National Depository Centre, NDC)
  • a depository informational system (for NDC)
  • a supervision system for the securities market (for SCS and BSE)

The new trading system has an electronic interface, enhanced operating principles and works on a real time basis, which allow BSE running integration of and control over trading and post-trading client activities.

As a result, CETA provides an opportunity to strengthen the control of ongoing operations and to standardise the process of receiving transaction reports. It should prevent possible manipulation and the distribution of insider information across the market.

Yuliya Shibukova
Relationship Manager
Global Securities Services Russia