Holiday Reminder

UniCredit GSS presents a list of the upcoming holidays / non-working days in its core markets across Central and Eastern Europe for the upcoming Easter period.
Mon, 10/04/2017

Please be informed of the following upcoming holidays:

where W – working day, H – holiday, WE – weekend day

1. Austria:
14.4.2017 – 
On this day, Vienna Stock Exchange and OeKB CSD are closed, however UniCredit Bank Austria will have staff on duty to support settlement. In line with the T2S practice, only settlement free of payment will be possible, and this applies to both internal and external transactions.

17.04.2017 – On this day, all market participants, including UniCredit Bank Austria, are closed. However, internal and external free of payment instructions that meet UniCredit Bank Austria's STP requirements can be settled.

2a. Bosnia and Herzegovina - FBiH:
– Monday, 17th April 2017 will be non-working day for CSD and Stock Exchange (SASE) in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Settlement will not occur.

2b. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Rep. of Srpska:
– Non working day for CSD and Stock Exchange (BLSE) in Republic of Srpska. Settlement will not occur. Since this is normal working day in FBiH, GSS staff will be available to support our client´s activities. Central Bank of BiH will be open on both days 14th April and 17th April.

17.04.2017 – will be non-working day for CSD and Stock Exchange (BLSE) in Republic of Srpska. Settlement will not occur.

3. Bulgaria:
Easter holidays in Bulgaria are official holidays and the whole market will be closed.

4. Croatia:
– Zagreb Stock Exchange will be closed for business.

17.04.2017 – Zagreb Stock Exchange, Central Depository & Clearing Company, all banks and other market participants will be closed for business.

5. Czech Republic:
14.04.2017 and 17.04.2017
– non-trading, non-settlement and non-banking days.

6. Hungary:
14.04.2017 and 17.04.2017
– non-trading, non-settlement, and non-banking day in Hungary.

7. Poland:
– Working day; not a public holiday, however Warsaw Stock Exchange will be closed. The CSD will only settle OTC transactions (no on-exchange settlement); there will be only two DVP settlement batches - at 10:30 and at 13:00 CET (the batch at 15:30 CET will be dedicated for FOP settlements only). Bank Pekao will operate as usual.

17.04.2017 – holiday; non-trading, non-settlement and non-banking day in Poland.

8. Romania:
17.04.2017 – will be a non-trading, non-settlement and non-banking day. The Stock Exchange, CSD and all banks will be closed.

9. Russia:
April Easter holidays will be regular working days.

10. Serbia:
14.04.2017 and 17.04.2017
–Belgrade Stock Exchange, Central Securities Depository and all banks are closed on 14 April and 17 April 2017 due to public holiday.  

11. Slovak Republic:
14.04.2017 and 17.04.2017 – non-settlement, non-trading and non-banking days. SE, CSD and all banks will be closed on these days.

12. Slovenia:
– not a national holiday. Exchange and cash system are closed. Only settlement of FOP instructions is possible.

17.04.2017 –Exchange, depository and bank closed.



IMPACT ON INVESTORS: Each of the above holidays / non-working days / additional working days will impact on an investor's ability to perform trading, settlement and cash payment activities in the respective markets.



BLSE – Banja Luka Stock Exchange (Republic of Srpska)
BNB (Bulgarian National Bank)
– CSD for Government Securities
BSE-Sofia – Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia
BVB – Bucharest Stock Exchange
CBR – Central Bank of Russia
CDAD (Central Depository AD) – CSD for all dematerialized securities except Government Securities
CDCP – CSD of Czech Republic
CET – Central European Time
CSD – Central Securities Depository
Depozitarul Central – CSD of Romania
DVP – Delivery Versus Payment
FBiH – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
FOP – Free of payment
KDD – Central Securities Depository of Slovenia
LJSE – Ljubljana Stock Exchange
MOEX – Moscow Exchange
National Settlement Depository – CSD of Russia
OTC – over the counter
PSE – Prague Stock Exchange
RINGS – the real-time gross settlement system for BGN payments
RS – Republic of Srpska
RTGS – Real-time gross settlement
SASE – Sarajevo Stock Exchange (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
SE – Stock Exchange
STP – Straight-through processing
UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d. – UniCredit Bank in Slovenia, member of UniCredit Group
VSE – Vienna Stock Exchange
WSE – Warsaw Stock Exchange
ZABA  – Zagrebačka Bank d.d., UniCredit Group
ZSE – Zagreb Stock Exchange