Holiday Reminder - July 2021

Upcoming holidays in Central and Eastern Europe region in July 2021
Mon, 28/06/2021

5 July - St. Cyril and St. Methodius Day:

  • Czech Republic: Public holiday, non-trading, non-settlement and non-banking day.
  • Slovakia: Public holiday. Stock exchange and banks are closed. Depository service is restricted to settlement of instructions in settlement system and electronic submission of requests to Information System.

6 July – Jan Hus Day in the Czech Republic: Public holiday, non-trading, non-settlement day. Banks, CSDs, Stock Exchanges and local payment systems are closed.

19 July - Non-trading day on Sarajevo Stock Exchange. Settlement in FBiH will take place.

20 July – Eid-al-Adha/Hajj in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Public holiday in Federation of BiH only. Neither trading on SASE nor settlement in Federation of BiH will take place while banks will be open. This is a normal working day in the Republic of Srpska.