Holiday Reminder Update: Romania, Russia and Slovakia

Holiday reminder update for Romania, Russia and Slovakia for December 2020.
Fri, 18/12/2020

Please be advised on the below holidays in the Romanian, Russian and Slovak markets.

Romania: The Central Securities Depository (CSD) has announced that on December 24 and on December 31, there will be no RON settlements or registry operations, while settlements on T2S platform will continue as per normal schedule. The last operational day for the CSD will be on 30 December. Operations will be resumed on January 4, 2021.

December 24 and December 31 will be non-trading days for Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE)


Russia: December 31 will be a short day at AO UniCredit Bank with working hours from 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (Moscow time). Due to the reduced cut-off times of the CSD and the end-of-year procedures, the securities settlement deadlines of AO UniCredit Bank on this day will be set as follows:

-          OTC FOP instructions – 1:00 p.m. (Moscow time)

-          OTC DVP/RVP instructions – 12:00 noon (Moscow time)

-          Funding deadline for RVP transactions - 12:00 noon (Moscow time)

Instructions not settled on December 31 will be processed on the next working day – January 11, 2021 (value date – 11/01/2021). 1 – 8 January 2021 will be public holidays in Russia.  

With reference to the end-of-year cash processing schedule, execution of RUB payment instructions on December 31 will be based on the actual balances on clients’ accounts with AO UniCredit Bank. Any Intraday overdraft facilities will be waived. Clients are kindly requested to ensure positive account balance on December 30 end of business. If the account is overdrawn on December 30 end of business and sufficient cover is not received within December 31 the overdraft will be provided for the entire holiday period - till January 11, 2021. RUB payments unexecuted on December 31 due to the insufficient cover will be processed on the next working day - January 11, 2021. USD and EUR payments will not be processed on December 30 and December 31.


Slovakia: December 31 will be non-trading day for Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE).