Upcoming holidays in Central and Eastern Europe in June 2024

Thu, 16/05/2024

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
17 June - Eid-al-Adha/Hajj: Federation of BiH holiday only. Neither trading on SASE nor settlement in FBiH will take place. This is a normal working day for the market in Republic of Srpska.

24 June – Orthodox Pentecost: Stock Exchange, CSD, Payments and Banks are closed.

11 June – Due to the forthcoming public holiday in Russia AO UniCredit Bank’s cut-off time for custody instructions will be 16:30 (Moscow time).
12 June – Declaration of Russian Sovereignty’s Holiday: Stock Exchange, CSD and CBR are closed.

25 June – Statehood Day: No settlement of on-exchange trades.



List of abbreviations:

CBR – Central Bank of Russia
CSD – Central Securities Depository
FBiH – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
SASE – Sarajevo Stock Exchange (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)