GSS Newsletter April 2017 - Issue 192

Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,

The reporting season for the 2016 results has started without major surprises. Investors in equity markets have had a pleasant first quarter. The outlook for the global economy is bright. Is this all too good to be true?

Following the markets in our region, we can confirm that developments are pointing in the right direction on our end as well. Market efficiency is being increased to the benefit of investors wherever possible, and I would see the upcoming merger of the Romanian Stock Exchanges as another bold step in this direction.

On this positive note, I would like to wish you a successful start to the second quarter!

Susanna Scheffold
Global Head of Securities Services


Preparing for CSDR
KELER is adapting to CSDR requirements to be compliant with relevant European-level regulations. By Dario Mariotto, Relationship Manager, GSS Hungary  
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Shift of power
Banking and capital market supervision may be moved from the Polish FSA to the National Bank of Poland. By Mariusz Piękoś, Director Foreign Clients Office,
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Issuer identification
The LEI code will become mandatory for issuers on the regulated market of the Bratislava Stock Exchange. By Zuzana Milanová, Head of GSS Slovakia
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GSS Navigator: A taste of Austria
How to make the most famous cake in the world. By Tina Fischer, Senior Relationship Manager, GSS Austria
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Market news

› Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Banja Luka Stock Exchange celebrates the 15th anniversary of the first trade executed on its trading platform


› Croatia
From negative to stable: Moody's upgrades Croatia's outlook for the first time since 2007                                                                                                                 


› Romania
The merger plan between BVB and SIBEX seeks approval from the BVB Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders


› Serbia
The Government of Serbia’s issuer rating and Serbia’s long-term bond and deposit ceilings have been upgraded by Moody’s


› Slovenia
The Ljubljana Stock Exchange introduces SI ENTER Market, the first multilateral trading facility in Slovenia


Market statistics

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