GSS Newsletter December 2016 - Issue 188

Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,

Another busy year is about to conclude. 2017 budgets are getting their final touches while resources for the upcoming initiatives are being allocated.

This is the time to review and examine the substance of client relationships. Doing so, it is always a big delight to recall the successes we have shared with our clients over the year. Crossing seemingly insurmountable barriers adds spice to our daily business life and prepares us for future obstacles waiting to be tackled.

In this sense, I wish everyone a lot of energy and vigour for the year’s end spurt.

Susanna Scheffold
Global Head of Securities Services


Fight against information abuse
The Russian Central Bank tightens the control over information on shareholders. By Yuliya Shibukova, Relationship Manager, GSS Russia
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Easier trading
Rules for fluctuation in Serbian securities trading have been amended. By Dragana Stijelja, Corporate Actions and Tax Specialist, GSS Serbia                 
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List of requirements
The Bulgarian Capital Market Development Council approves a strategy for market development. By Kristina Spasova, Relationship Manager, GSS Bulgaria
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New mode
The corporate action process on the Slovene market will change radically. By Vanda Močnik Kohek, Senior Relationship Manager, GSS Slovenia
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GSS Navigator: Every second Sunday of the year…
How Polish children engage in a large-scale health charity project. By Mariusz Piękoś, Director Foreign Clients Office GSS Poland
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Market news

WSE will take over as reference rate fixings organiser


› Russia
A new court will deal with financial market disputes


› Russia
NSD considers a standard settlement cycle for the OTC market


› Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Sarajevo Stock Exchange reviewed its indices


Deal execution on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange will follow the T+2 scheme


› Hungary
S&P reviewed its sovereign credit ratings on Hungary, thereby lifting it back to investment grade


Market statistics

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