BSE's new partnership with Deutsche Börse Venture Network

UniCredit Bulbank AD
Wed, 30/06/2021

Bulgarian start-ups and SMEs gain access to capital from Germany and other countries worldwide                                                                                                                                     


The Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) has entered into a partnership with Deutsche Börse Venture Network. As a result, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises from Bulgaria will have quick and easy access to both German and global growth management skills and capital. Deutsche Börse Venture Network is a community built up of more than 460 foreign investors and venture capitalists from 32 countries, featuring around 200 companies within the network.


BSE will act as a bridge to the network by providing free assessment and consultation to potential members from Bulgaria. The advantages of BSE, being the agent of Deutsche Börse Venture Network in the country, are in-depth expertise in the local start-up business, as well as a focused approach in interaction with companies.


Bulgarian companies applying to enter Deutsche Börse Venture Network will be required to meet certain criteria. For example, newly founded start-ups are required to have at least EUR 1mn of annual revenue for the last concluded financial year and to cover some specific business key performance indicators such as a high number of daily new users or strong growth of the customer base. Additionally, they will be required to possess capital of at least EUR 1mn raised from well-renowned investors. The criteria for companies with longer business history are similar, yet respective thresholds are set higher.