28/12/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics January 2017
27/12/16 Changes in Settlement Deadlines on 30 December
28/11/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics December 2016
28/10/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics November 2016
25/10/16 Establishment of Capital Markets Development Council
21/10/16 UCITS V Directive and Market Abuse Regulation Implemented in Local Law
04/10/16 New DTAT between Bulgaria and Romania
04/10/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics October 2016
08/09/16 Bulgaria: Changes in Settlement Cut-off Times at BNB in September
05/09/16 Well capitalised banking sector
05/09/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics September 2016
30/08/16 Bulgaria: Holiday and Working Saturday Reminder for September
01/07/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics August 2016
30/06/16 Government Securities Listing
30/06/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics July 2016
07/06/16 Draft: Bulgaria ST June 2016
11/05/16 Changes in Settlement Deadlines
11/05/16 Changes in Settlement Cut-off Times at BNB
29/04/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics May 2016
26/04/16 Holiday Reminder
01/04/16 SEE Link Fully Operational
31/03/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics April 2016
10/03/16 Changes in Settlement Cut-off Times at BNB
03/03/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics March 2016
26/02/16 Amendments to Settlement Instruction Formats and Account Structure in CDAD new IT System
24/02/16 Holiday Reminder
11/02/16 New DTT Between Bulgaria and the UK
29/01/16 Listing government bonds
29/01/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics February 2016
26/01/16 Decommissioning of CDAD's Old IT-System Postponed
18/01/16 Investment Intermediaries to Stop Securities Availability Checks with Custodians
08/01/16 Government Securities traded on Regulated Market exempted from CGT
06/01/16 OTC RVP/DVP Trades may settle with Shorter Settlement Cycle thanks to UniCredit Lobbying
04/01/16 Bulgaria Market Statistics January 2016