Bulgarian Stock Exchange announces new tickers

UniCredit Bulbank AD
Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD (BSE) will replace the stock exchange tickers of listed companies as of 15 February 2021.
Fri, 05/02/2021

Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD has announced that, in order to facilitate all capital market participants, the stock exchange tickers of the listed securities will be replaced effective 15 February 2021 (except for Advance Terrafund REIT’s stocks whose ticker will be changed as of 8 February 2021). The new tickers will be intuitive ones based on the issuers’ names. The full list of tickers is available for download on the BSE website under the following link: https://www.bse-sofia.bg/en/market-segmentation under document entitled ‘New and old BSE codes‘.

Meanwhile, the ticker of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD which is also a public company has already been changed on 25 January 2021 from BSO to BSE.

Impact on investors: Investors should be aware of the new stock exchange tickers at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange as of 15 February 2021.