Bulgarian Stock Exchange Strengthens ESG Focus

UniCredit Bulbank AD
Tue, 27/09/2022

Adoption of ESG in order to power BSE sustainability index

Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD (BSE) has adopted Refinitiv’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics in August 2022 to power its sustainability index which is to be launched by the end of 2022. Refinitiv’s ESG metrics will qualify the constituents of BSE’s ESG Index and maintain BSE’s planned sustainability index. Refinitiv, which is part of London Stock Exchange Group, is one of the largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure in the world and a member of the UN Global Compact.

BSE will also allow Bulgarian publicly listed companies to provide their ESG data through Oxygen, a dedicated digital platform which has been launched by Financial Market Services, a BSE subsidiary.

Back in November 2020, BSE was admitted to the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (UN SSE) which comprises of nearly 130 members as of August 2022.