Central Depository AD announces changes related to SRDII and CSDR

UniCredit Bulbank AD
Central Depository AD has published an updated version of its Operational Instructions Handbook introducing provisions related to SRDII and CSDR.
Mon, 31/08/2020

On 26 August 2020 Central Depository AD (CDAD) published on its website an updated version of its Operational Instructions Handbook. The updated Handbook contains among others the following changes:

  • SRDII-related in force as of 3 September 2020: CDAD will follow ISO20022 standard for communication of corporate action information to its members, including general meeting notifications. There is no information on Shareholders’ Identification Disclosure.

  • CSDR-related in force as of 1 January 2020: introducing the Stock Exchange field (95R::EXCH in Sequence F) in settlement instructions and a field for granting consent for application of procedures related to market claim, transformation or buyer protection in case of failed settlement (field 70E::DECL in Sequence F). Both new fields will be matching criteria.

We will address CDAD with a request to provide clarifications on some of the changes announced so will be able to provide more details once available.

Impact on investors: Communication to/from Central Depository AD will be enhanced to meet certain requirements related to SRDII and CSDR. As some details are still missing, UniCredit Bulbank will request clarifications to the CDAD which will be provided as soon as they become available.