SRDII: SKDD launched new shareholder’s identification service

Zagrebacka Banka d.d.
Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc. confirmed the launch of the new service for shareholders‘ identification
Thu, 08/04/2021

As announced on its website, the Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc. (SKDD) confirmed that, effective as of 1 April 2021, SKDD started to offer the new service for the disclosure of the shareholders’ identification details. The new service, developed in line with the provisions of SRD II and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1212, will ensure that, if engaged by the issuer, SKDD will forward the disclosure request to SKDD participants. The same applies for the cancellation of the disclosure request, if any. Issuer’s disclosure request will be provided in machine readable XML formats via the SKDD IT system DEPRIN.

Disclosure requests will be provided to the local custodians (for segregated, omnibus and numbered custody accounts) and portfolio management companies (for portfolio management accounts).

SKDD will provide the following types of messages to its participants:
  •  seev.045.001.02 – Shareholder’s Identification Disclosure Request for entry or amendment of the issuer’s original disclosure request,
  • seev.046.001.01 – Shareholder’s Identification Disclosure Request Cancellation Advice for issuer’s disclosure request cancellati

When the issuer’s disclosure request states that SKDD is the response recipient, only participant , whose accounts are listed on the list of holders, will be allowed to submit a response via DEPRIN in 2 different ways:

  • individual data entry on the identity of the shareholder,

  • file upload (csv format).

For segregated custody accounts and portfolio management accounts, SKDD will pre-fill the existing identification details of the shareholders, whereas participant will be able to:

  • amend pre-filled data except for local tax ID (OIB) number and client name/surname

  • enter additional data of the shareholders, currently not available to SKDD

Impact on investors: Clients should take note that, in the frame of SRDII implementation, the disclosure of shareholders’ identification is now supported by the SKDD