31/12/19 3Q2019 Croatia Market Statistics
04/12/19 Another reduction of the EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions
28/11/19 ZSE trading hours on XETRA T7
27/11/19 New ZSE Rules approved
25/11/19 Status of CCP and CSDR licencing procedures
14/11/19 Another reduction of the EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions
29/10/19 Harmonization of SKDD with RTS on Settlement Discipline
28/10/19 SKDD’s CSDR status report
21/10/19 Another reduction of the EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions
04/10/19 2019Q2 Croatia Market Statistics
04/10/19 Corporate actions reform in Croatia
19/08/19 CCP and CSDR licencing procedure status report
19/08/19 DTT with Japan to enter into force
12/08/19 Amendments to ZSE Pricelist
03/07/19 Status update on SKDD’s CSD authorization
28/06/19 2019Q1 Croatia Market Statistics
26/06/19 New amendment to EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions
26/06/19 HANFA assessed SKDD-CCP Smart Clear request as complete
21/06/19 DTT with Socialist Republic of Vietnam to enter into force
14/06/19 First joint index of ZSE and LJSE to be launched
27/05/19 Amended EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions
03/05/19 Changes and amendments on Croatian Company Act
09/04/19 Tax Administration’s clarification on the applicable withholding tax rate for legal entities resident in countries which have DTT in place with Croatia
01/04/19 2018Q4 Croatia Market Statistics
29/03/19 Beneficial ownership indicator mandatory for FOP transactions
22/03/19 Tax Administration confirms the workflow on withholding tax for non-cooperative tax jurisdictions
22/02/19 New CDCC Pricelist, Rules and Procedures approved
12/02/19 DTT with Kazakhstan to enter into force
25/01/19 MIFID II provisions in effect on Croatian market
21/01/19 Zagreb Stock Exchange to launch new equity index
17/01/19 New ZSE Pricelist approved
31/12/17 2017Q4 Croatia Market Statistics
28/12/17 New ZSE and CE Enter Market rules approved
14/12/17 Croatia Market Statistics January 2018
08/12/17 DTT with Kosovo enters into force
27/11/17 SKDD’s application for CSD authorization incomplete
21/11/17 Croatia Market Statistics December 2017
20/10/17 Croatia Market Statistics November 2017
28/09/17 SKDD-CCP Smart Clear seeks for approval to provide central counterparty services
22/09/17 Croatia: Market Statistics October 2017
22/08/17 Amendments to the Rules of ZSE
10/08/17 Croatia Market Statistics September 2017
10/08/17 Holiday Reminder
01/08/17 ZSE presented 'Progress'
17/07/17 Croatia Market Statistics August 2017
10/07/17 Recommendations for Croatia’s exit from deficit procedure
10/07/17 New ZSE trading symbols
04/07/17 New ZSE Pricelist Approved
03/07/17 Croatia Market Statistics July 2017
28/06/17 New ZSE Rules approved
20/06/17 ZSE announced trading hours for the first day of trading on the XETRA® trading platform
14/06/17 Holiday Reminder
18/05/17 Croatia Market Statistics June 2017
03/05/17 ZSE Officially Announced First Trading Day on the XETRA® Trading Platform
02/05/17 Croatia Market Statistics May 2017
02/05/17 Fall of Croatian public debt
06/04/17 Holiday Reminder
03/04/17 Croatia Market Statistics April 2017
03/04/17 Moody's upgrades Croatia's outlook
28/03/17 Further Delay in SKDD-CCP Introduction
01/03/17 Croatia Market Statistics March 2017
09/02/17 CDCC's Harmonisation with CSDR
06/02/17 Authorised to issue LEIs
03/02/17 Croatia Market Statistics January 2017 (Latest data available)
05/01/17 Capital Gains Tax Amendments come into Effect