Completion of SRDII second phase at KELER

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
SRD II related phase 2 developments go live
Mon, 29/03/2021

Referring to our previous newsflash released in February (here), please be advised that KELER, the Hungarian CSD, informed its clients of the successful completion of phase 2 testing related to the SRD II  developments  KELER  launches the new version of CAPS system on 29 March 2021.

The new version of CAPS includes the following features:

    • Full Shareholder Identification process performed by KELER via CAPS and SWIFT
    • Forwarding of Shareholder Identification via CAPS and SWIFT (when the authorized third party is not the CSD)
    • SWIFT connection

The Shareholder Identification functions will go live as of 1 April 2021. Communication via SWIFT is possible as of 29 March 2021, thus information on General Meetings and other type of SRD II related Corporate Actions can be forwarded to KELER’s direct clients via SWIFT as of 29 March.

By request of KELER’s direct clients, the CAPS test environment will be open until 16 April 2021, while testing SWIFT messages with KELER will be possible until 31 March 2021.

Impact on investors: SWIFT communication for KELER’s clients and intermediaries with no direct account relationship with the CSD is now possible. Furthermore, KELER will provide the Shareholder Identification service in case of Hungarian listed shares as of 1 April 2021.