Central Bank SWIFT BIC Change

UniCredit Bank S.A.
A new SWIFT BIC will be used by the National Bank of Romania starting from 19 March 2018
Thu, 01/03/2018


The National Bank of Romania plans to change the SWIFT BIC it is using with effect from 19 March 2018.

Thus, with respect to the settlement of government securities in the SaFIR Depository, for SWIFT MT5xx instructions the Place of Settlement (PSET) SWIFT BIC will be changed from NBORROBS to NBORROBB.

Prior to the go-live of this change, the Central Bank will perform tests on 10 March 2018 and will inform its participants of the results. Upon receipt of this information, UniCredit GSS will provide a subsequent update.

Impact on investors: As of 19 March 2018, the new SWIFT BIC NBORROBB will replace the current NBORROBS in SWIFT MT5xx instructions related to the settlement of goverment bonds transactions in the SaFIR Depository.