31/12/17 2017Q4 Romania Market Statistics
19/12/17 Amendments to the Central Depository Code of Rules
18/12/17 Romania Market Statistics January 2018
27/11/17 Holiday Reminder
14/11/17 Romania Market Statistics December 2017
16/10/17 Romania Market Statistics November 2017
19/09/17 Depozitarul Central launches new settlement service for euro transactions concluded at the BVB
18/09/17 Romania Market Statistics October 2017
01/09/17 Romania Market Statistics September 2017
10/08/17 Holiday Reminder
01/08/17 Romanian CSD is preparing for EUR settlement
19/07/17 Romania Market Statistics August 2017
03/07/17 Romania Market Statistics July 2017
29/05/17 Holiday Reminder-Additional Information
26/05/17 Holiday Reminder
19/05/17 Romania Market Statistics June 2017
16/05/17 New Double Tax Treaty between Romania and the People’s Republic of China Published in the Official Gazette
02/05/17 Romania Market Statistics May 2017
24/04/17 Moody’s Changes its Perspective on the Romanian Government Rating
13/04/17 Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) General Shareholder Meeting Decisions
03/04/17 Merging the Romanian stock exchanges
03/04/17 Romania Market Statistics April 2017
31/03/17 Law nr. 24/2017 concerning the issuers of financial instruments and market operations was published in the Official Gazette of Romania
31/03/17 New Investment Fund Legislation
01/03/17 Romania Market Statistics March 2017
01/03/17 EU standards for corporate actions proccessing
03/02/17 Romania Market Statistics December 2016 (Latest data available)
19/01/17 Romania: Holiday reminder
03/01/17 BVB shareholders approve merger with SIBEX
28/12/16 Romania Market Statistics January 2017
12/12/16 Fiscal Registration Requirements according to the Fiscal Procedure Code
29/11/16 The Central Depository has successfully completed the operational connectivity test with its backup systemsThe Central Depository has successfully completed the operational connectivity test with its backup systems
28/11/16 Romania Market Statistics December 2016
25/11/16 Holiday Reminder
02/11/16 New rules for the BET and BET-TR indices
28/10/16 Romania Market Statistics November 2016
05/10/16 The Romanian Government wants to sell shares issued by the state-owned companies on the capital market.
04/10/16 New composition of the BET-XT index
04/10/16 Romania Market Statistics October 2016
30/09/16 Romania: The Romanian capital market on the watch list for reclassification as an emerging market.
27/09/16 The Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority wants to be involved in the setting up of a local Central Counterparty (CCP)
26/09/16 Romania: CSD Depozitarul Central S.A. wants to standardize corporate action events processing.
05/09/16 Romania Market Statistics September 2016
31/07/16 New Short Selling Framework
21/07/16 ASF eliminates Market Making Transaction Fees
01/07/16 Romania Market Statistics August 2016
30/06/16 Romania Market Statistics July 2016
08/06/16 Draft: Merger talks between Romanian bourses
07/06/16 Draft: Romania Market statistics June 2016
27/05/16 The Bucharest Stock Exchange will update its rules with provisions for short selling
25/05/16 Regulatoty Update
29/04/16 Romania Market Statistics May 2016
06/04/16 New Regulation on Corporate Governance for Regulated Entities
31/03/16 Romania Market Statistics April 2016
31/03/16 Credit Rating
30/03/16 New DTT With Norway, Italy, UAE & Bulgaria
03/03/16 Romania Market Statistics March 2016
29/01/16 Plans for the years ahead on the Romanian market
29/01/16 Romania Market Statistics February 2016
04/01/16 Romania Market Statistics January 2016
03/12/15 Romania Market Statistics December 2015
24/11/15 Successful BCP Tests of Central Depository and Bucharest Stock Exchange
24/11/15 Holiday Reminder
01/11/15 Romania Market Statistics November 2015
28/10/15 Tax Rate for Dividends reduced to 5%
20/10/15 Capital Market Regulations Amendments
01/10/15 Bucharest Stock Exchange to adjust trading hours
01/10/15 Romania Market Statistics October 2015
07/09/15 Romania Market Statistics September 2015
18/08/15 UniCredit Tiriac Bank rebranding process
01/08/15 Romania Market statistics August 2015
08/07/15 Central Depository introduces Gross Settlement for Deal Market Transactions
03/07/15 New tariffs at the Central Depository
03/07/15 Romania Market Statistics July 2015
22/06/15 Central Depository successfully migrated to T2S
19/06/15 Central Depository Fees for T2S
16/06/15 T2S implementation
29/05/15 Romania and the U.S.A. signed FATCA Agreement
28/05/15 Romania Market Statistics June 2015
28/05/15 Holiday Reminder
08/05/15 Bucharest Stock Exchange To Extend The Trading Hours
07/05/15 Romania Market Statistics May 2015
30/04/15 Romanian Fiscal Code Amendments
29/04/15 Law on Alternative Investment Fund Managers
16/04/15 Romania Market Statistics April 2015
15/04/15 Fitch affirms Romania’s rating at BBB-
09/04/15 ASF Regulation on dual listing through Depositary Interests
27/03/15 Financial Supervisory Authority Approved Amendments On The Regulation No.1/2006 And The Regulation No.6/2009
27/03/15 Financial Supervisory Authority Approved Amendments On The Regulation No. 13/2005 And The Regulation No.5/2010
27/03/15 Central Depository Approved Effective Level For Some Applicable Fees Charged
23/02/15 Depozitarul Central to Introduce Second Net Settlement Cycle & Forth Gross Settlement Session
12/02/15 BVB List of Securities to be traded via Auction
22/01/15 Certificate of Tax Residence 2015
16/01/15 The Law on the Capital Market has been modified