New official name and legal form of AO UniCredit Bank

AO UniCredit Bank
The legal form of ZAO UniCredit Bank was changed from Closed joint-stock company (ZAO) to Joint Stock Company (AO).
Mon, 29/12/2014

Please be kindly informed that the Bank of Russia officially registered the Amendments No. 1 to the Statutes of ZAO UniCredit Bank (hereinafter Bank) which among the others included the change of full and short company name of the Bank in Russian and in English on 24 December, 2014 as following:

The new full official company name in English: Joint Stock Company UniCredit Bank

The new short official company name in English: AO UniCredit Bank

The changes are aimed to rename the legal organizational form of the Bank in order to comply with the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation which prescribes abolishment of the ‘closed joint-stock company’ as organizational legal form starting from 1 September, 2014

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