Athens Stock Exchange joining forces with Belgrade Stock Exchange

UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC
Strengthened cooperation between Belgrade Stock Exchange and Athens Stock Exchange
Fri, 06/08/2021

After obtaining the approval of the Republic of Serbia Securities Commission, the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) acquired 10.24% of the total number of shares of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX).

According to the official announcement of the BELEX, two stock exchanges are joining forces in order to collectively take advantage of business opportunities. At the same time, BELEX decided to improve its trading platform and migrate trading activities to the ATHEX trading platform, thus improving the liquidity and range of services of the common trading platform.

In the next phase, the BELEX and the ATHEX will closely cooperate with the Government of the Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Finance in the direction of further strategic development of the Serbian capital market. The introduction of new products and services will support the flow of capital from local and international investors to the issuers listed at BELEX.

Impact on investors: No direct impacts on clients.