30/12/16 Amendments On The Law On Tax Procedure And Tax Administration
29/12/16 DTT between Serbia and Luxembourg
28/12/16 Serbia Market Statistics January 2017
21/12/16 DTT between Serbia and Republic of Korea
19/12/16 Amendments on Tariff Regulations Of the Belgrade Stock Exchange
12/12/16 Updating the Certificate of Residence for the Year 2017
09/12/16 DTT between Serbia and Armenia
05/12/16 Belgrade Stock Exchange becomes an active member of the SEE Link
29/11/16 Decision On Duration Of Trading Phases Within The Securities Trading On The Regulated Market And On Mtp Belex
28/11/16 Serbia Market Statistics December 2016
07/11/16 Holiday Reminder
03/11/16 New order types on the Belgrade Stock Exchange
28/10/16 Serbia Market Statistics November 2016
04/10/16 Serbia Market Statistics October 2016
05/09/16 Rulebook update
05/09/16 Serbia Market Statistics September 2016
27/07/16 Relocation of UniCredit GSS Serbia
01/07/16 Serbia Market Statistics August 2016
30/06/16 Serbia Market Statistics July 2016
08/06/16 D&B upgrades Serbia’s country risk rating
07/06/16 Draft: Serbia Market ST June 2016
07/06/16 New Regulation on Liquidity Requirements for Brokerage Firms
29/04/16 Serbia Market Statistics May 2016
31/03/16 Serbia Market Statistics April 2016
23/03/16 Changes to Operating Rules of the CSD and Clearing House
09/03/16 New DTT with South Korea
03/03/16 Serbia Market Statistics March 2016
02/03/16 New DTT with Luxembourg
25/02/16 Belgrade Stock Exchange joins SEE link
29/01/16 Serbia Market Statistics February 2016
25/01/16 Amendments to CSD's Tariff Rulebook
19/01/16 Double Taxation Treaty with Norway - Correction
08/01/16 Changes in Capital Market and Tax Legislation
04/01/16 Serbia Market Statistics January 2016