Belgrade Stock Exchange publishes Holiday Schedule for 2023

UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC
Non-Trading days confirmed for Calendar Year 2023
Fri, 04/11/2022

For 2023, trading sessions at the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) will take place on every working day from Monday to Friday with the exception of the following national and religious holidays:

Weekday:  Holiday:
2nd January Monday New Year
3rd  January Tuesday New Year
15th  February Wednesday Serbian Statehood Day
16th  February Thursday Serbian Statehood Day
14th  April Friday Easter Holidays
17th  April Monday Easter Holidays
1st  May Monday Labor Day
2nd  May Tuesday Labor Day

In addition, due to securities segmentation and updates to the trading platform, the BELEX will not hold trading sessions on:

4th January
5th January
6th January
Securities segmentation and trading platform updates in accordance with newly adopted regulations of the Stock Exchange, harmonizing with Capital Market policies. These dates may be postponed in the event that the application of the policies is delayed.
29th December Friday System maintenance including statistic and data migration



Impact on investors: For 2023, the Belgrade Stock Exchange has announced non-trading days which include alignment to national and religious holidays, as well as system maintenance updates which are also necessary to align with new Capital Market Laws