CSD Operating Rules and Tariff Changes

UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC
CSD amends Operating Rules and Tariff Charges
Fri, 11/09/2020

The Serbian Central Securities Depository and Clearing House (referred to below as the CSD) announced Amendments and Supplements to its Operating Rules and New Tariff Rates Rules on 10 September 2020.

New added tariff point is the following:




Primary auction of corporate bonds where settlement of financial instruments and cash takes place on a DVP basis

0.088% of value of sold issue, but not more than RSD 528,000

The Amendments and Supplements to the CSD Operating Rules will became effective as of 17 September 2020. Currently the documents are available in Serbian language only. The English version is expected to be published on the website of CSD in the upcoming days.
Impact on Investors: Amended and Supplemented Operating Rules of the Serbian CSD introduce new tariff point for primary auction of corporate bonds as of 17 September 2020. Clients are asked to make note of this new tariff in case they wish to participate on primary auction.