GSS Newsletter November 2016 - Issue 187

Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,

As we know, every fruitful business relationship rests on principles of transparency and fairness. With these Newsletters, we intend to feature advancements which include news on investor protection legislation, improvements of regulatory bodies’ governance and the reduction of potential settlement failures in our markets.

We can take this news flow as a gauge of tangible developments happening in our markets in Central and Eastern Europe. This also shows how policy makers perceive their markets and how they compete on a global scale. This month for instance, our colleagues from Russia, Serbia and Ukraine will be shedding light on developments in their countries.

Sven Trahan
Head of Global Sales & Relationship Management GSS


Testing in full swing
Successful T2S testing at the CSD and UniCredit Bank Austria. By Tina Fischer, Senior Relationship Manager, GSS Austria
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Objective ruling
The NDU has accepted independent directors to its supervisory board. By Marina Sologub, Relationship Manager, GSS Ukraine
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Swap offer
The Central Bank of Hungary completed its first fine-tuning swap tender. By Gabriella Kopházi-Tóth, Senior Relationship Manager, GSS Hungary
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Chain action
The CBR is about to embrace blockchain technology. By Ksenia Liskina, Relationship Manager, GSS Russia                                                       
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Preventing dilution
Shareholders’ rights along SPOs shall be better protected. By Ksenia Liskina, Relationship Manager, GSS Russia
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GSS Navigator: Rocking the Island of Freedom
How I became a fan of the far-famed Sziget Music Festival. By Gabriella Kópházi-Toth, Senior Relationship Manager, GSS Hungary
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Market news

› Croatia
EBRD and Zagreb Stock Exchange have launched their joint SME Growth Market Project


› Czech Republic
No changes in the interest rate on the Czech Koruna


The future sector classification on the WSE will reflect the opinion of market participants


› Romania
The Bucharest Stock Exchange has revisited and reshaped the composition of its indices


› Russia
Custodians will be advised on how to proceed with unclaimed dividends in Russia


› Serbia
The Belgrade Stock Exchange introduces new types of orders with special execution conditions


› Slovenia
The IMF decreased the expected growth for 2017 from 2.0% to 1.8%. Other institutions are more optimistic


Market statistics

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