Update on the partnership between the Belgrade Stock Exchange and Athens Stock Exchange

UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC
The Belgrade Stock Exchange and Athens Stock Exchange have signed an Agreement on the migration of the Belgrade Stock Exchange Trading Activities to the Athens Stock Exchange Trading Platform
Fri, 26/11/2021

On 25 November 2021 the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) and Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) signed an Agreement for the provision of trading facilities that will enable the migration of BELEX’s trading activities, as the market operator, to ATHEX’s trading platform.

As announced in our previous newsflash (link), the two stock exchanges entered into an agreement to  take advantage of synergies and business opportunities in an era of accelerated globalization. As part of this initiative, after receiving the approval from the Serbian Securities Commission, ATHEX acquired 10.24% of the total number of shares of BELEX.

Additionally, as a next step in the mutual cooperation, BELEX’s trading activities as the market operator will be migrated to the trading platform of ATHEX. The aim is to generate operational efficiency, improve market liquidity, increase business opportunities with partners and the investment communities, as well as create additional support for the development of the respective local economies.  

Impact on investors: For information purposes only. No direct impact on clients. All market participants will benefit from the expansion and deepening of both capital markets and cross-trading.