31/12/17 2017Q4 Hungary Market Statistics
21/12/17 KELER obtains APA status
20/12/17 Successful DRP test at KELER Group
18/12/17 Hungary Market Statistics January 2018
08/12/17 Successful BCP Test at UniCredit GSS
29/11/17 BUBOR quotation extended
21/11/17 Hungary Market Statistics December 2017
15/11/17 KELER discloses further information on CSDR’s impact
14/11/17 Lobbying for amending the nominee concept
20/10/17 Hungary Market Statistics November 2017
20/10/17 Appointment of Xtend Nominated Advisers
16/10/17 Public Holiday
29/09/17 KELER submits CSDR Authorisation Request
28/09/17 Budapest Stock Exchange launches Xtend
22/09/17 CSDR impact on the clients of KELER
22/09/17 Hungary: Market Statistics October 2017
04/09/17 Management changes at KELER
22/08/17 Hungary Market Statistics September 2017
14/07/17 Hungary Market Statistics August 2017
10/07/17 Budapest prepares for the introduction of XETRA 17.0
03/07/17 Hungary Market Statistics July 2017
15/06/17 BaNCS Go-Live Date postponed
02/06/17 Hungarian Companies in Elite programme at London Stock Exchange
26/05/17 Holiday Reminder
23/05/17 Hungary Market Statistics June 2017
16/05/17 KELER BaNCS Tests Evaluation and Roadmap Review with Market Participants
02/05/17 Hungary Market Statistics May 2017
07/04/17 New Double Tax Treaty with the Government of the Republic of Iraq
03/04/17 Hungary Market Statistics April 2017
17/03/17 Good Friday Designated as Public Holiday (promulgated)
14/03/17 DTT with Oman comes into effect
10/03/17 Holiday Reminder
07/03/17 Good Friday designated as Public Holiday
01/03/17 Hungary Market Statistics March 2017
01/03/17 BET and Bank of China sign a memorandum of understanding
23/02/17 Key Points of KELER’s Meeting with Market Participants on BaNCS
03/02/17 Hungary Market Statistics February 2017
01/02/17 DTT With Luxembourg Comes Into Effect
26/01/17 KELER migration to T2S on 4-5 February 2017
16/01/17 DTT with Iran comes into Effect
03/01/17 Stock Exchange Development Fund established
28/12/16 Hungary Market Statistics January 2017
21/12/16 New Double Tax Treaty with the Government of the Sultanate of Oman
16/12/16 BaNCS New Go-Live Date Announced
15/12/16 Successful Testing of Business Continuity Plan
14/12/16 T2S Test with KELER - Completed
06/12/16 Connectivity to KELER has been restored
05/12/16 Technical Problem - Connectivity Issue between UniCredit and KELER
05/12/16 Technical Problem with Connectivity to KELER– BCP Solution has been invoked
28/11/16 Hungary Market Statistics December 2016
23/11/16 The Double Tax Treaty with the Government of Turkmenistan has come into effect
10/11/16 Update on market claims, transformations and buyer protection under KELER’s T2S BCP solution
03/11/16 ECB supports KELER’s T2S BCP solution
28/10/16 Hungary Market Statistics November 2016
26/10/16 KELER T2S BCP Update
24/10/16 Update on KELER’s system replacement project
18/10/16 Update on KELER’s system replacement project
12/10/16 New Double Tax Treaty with the Government of Turkmenistan
10/10/16 Information on T2S Market Testing and Roll Out of KELER’s T2S Services
07/10/16 Holiday Reminder
04/10/16 Hungary is back to investment grade
04/10/16 Hungary Market Statistics October 2016
29/09/16 Hungary: Information on KELER’s Market Claim and Transformation Services in T2S
21/09/16 Information on KELER’s T2S BCP
12/09/16 Hungary: Update on KELER’s system replacement:Test & Implementation Schedules
08/09/16 Update on KELER's System Replacement
06/09/16 Hungary: Update on KELER’s system replacement
05/09/16 Product scope of BSE expands
05/09/16 Hungary Statistics September 2016
12/08/16 KELER System Replacement Update
31/07/16 T2S Migration Dress Rehearsal
25/07/16 Administrative Taxation Changes applicable to Private Investors
01/07/16 Hungary Market Statistics August 2016
30/06/16 Hungary Market Statistics July 2016
28/06/16 KELER Modifies the Date of Certification for BaNCS
07/06/16 Draft: Hungary Market Statistics June 2016
12/05/16 Holiday Reminder
29/04/16 Hungary Market Statistics May 2016
31/03/16 Hungary Market Statistics April 2016
31/03/16 Market Infrastructure
18/03/16 New Double Tax Treaty with the Islamic Republic of Iran
03/03/16 Hungary Market Statistics March 2016
29/02/16 Holiday Reminder
28/01/16 Update on BaNCS Implementation Schedule
28/01/16 Hungary Market Statistics February 2016
11/01/16 KELER and KELER CCP EGM Resolutions
04/01/16 Hungary Market Statistics January 2016
21/12/15 DTT with Liechtenstein Comes into Force
18/12/15 Beta Test Work Group Meeting
14/12/15 Successful Business Continuity Plan Test
14/12/15 Update on KELER’s T2S entry date
07/12/15 Extra Working Day
03/12/15 HUF became a CLS settlement currency
03/12/15 Hungary Market Statistic December 2015
01/12/15 Update on KELER’s Strategic Modernisation Program and on T2S Joining Scheme
24/11/15 CEESEG and OeKB sell stakes in Budapest Stock Exchange to Hungarian National Bank
24/11/15 CEESEG and OeKB sell stakes in Budapest Stock Exchange to Hungarian National Bank - Update
20/11/15 Go-live of CLS Settlement in Hungarian Forint
16/11/15 Go-live Date of BaNCS - Update
05/11/15 CBH introduces fixed reserve ratio
01/11/15 Hungary Market Statistic November 2015
30/10/15 Go-live date of BaNCS is announced
19/10/15 New DTT with Liechtenstein
19/10/15 Holiday Reminder
19/10/15 Successful Disaster Recovery Test at UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
07/10/15 Successful Disaster Recovery Test at KELER Group
01/10/15 Hungary Market Statistics October 2015
24/09/15 KELER Group to perform contingency testing
10/09/15 Central Bank and CEESEG AG talks about the BSE
07/09/15 Hungary Market Statistics September 2015
04/09/15 Early repayment
27/08/15 2016 Holiday Schedule
03/08/15 Holiday reminder and extra working day in Hungary
01/08/15 Hungary Market Statistics August 2015
17/07/15 Updated Paper on KELER Services in T2S
10/07/15 KELER Strategic Modernisation Program Update
06/07/15 New Double Tax Treaty with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
03/07/15 Hungary Market Statistics July 2015
18/06/15 KELER extends its operating hours
18/06/15 The Double Tax Treaty with the Kingdom of Bahrain comes into effect
17/06/15 Update on the Withholding Tax Rate in Hungary
11/06/15 Decreasing withholding tax rates
04/06/15 KELER and KELER CCP AGM Resolutions
03/06/15 System Implementation of KELER Postponed
28/05/15 Hungary Market Statistics June 2015
18/05/15 Holiday Reminder
18/05/15 Annual General Meeting Of KELER And KELER CCP
13/05/15 Changes in Cash Clearing Systems
07/05/15 Hungary Market Statistics May 2015
05/05/15 The Double Tax Treaty Between Hungary And The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Came Into Effect
16/04/15 Hungary Market Statistics April 2015
15/04/15 KELER CCP Clearing Member Forum
03/04/15 New go-live date of the KELER BaNCS System
20/03/15 Re-scheduled testing of KELER’s new system
05/03/15 KELER System Implementation Postponed
03/03/15 Bank Holiday on 27 March
27/02/15 Information About The Test Period Preceding The Go-live Of KELER’s New System
25/02/15 New trading model of the Budapest Stock Exchange
07/01/15 Technical Problem At KELER
07/01/15 Technical problem at KELER - Resolved